What Type of Strap Watch Band Would Fit To My Tactical Watch?

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Whether you’re considering options for a new watch purchase or looking to replace one, a proper strap or a watch band is one of important part of any watch, especially for your tactical watch.

As you might know, mostly, is often a lot of cheaper than an entirely new watch, so it is usually more cost-effective to transform one’s collection of straps over splurging on another watch.

Different type of Watch Band for Tactical Watch

Being that said, we know some of your tactical watches are going to take a heavy beating and gone through harsh treatment.

So, what type of band would fit in on my tactical watch?

Below are some key things to consider regarding a strap or band for your tactical watch:

Standard Lugs

Before buying a replacement band for any watch, it’s necessary to check if the watch has standard lugs. Without standard lugs, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to install a replacement without going back to the original manufacturer.

Just make sure you pick the correct width option by measuring between the lugs in millimeters.

Of course, if purchasing a new watch, regular lugs in a standard spacing such as 20mm or 22mm would give you the widest selection possible when it comes time to replace the band.


Leather can be an attractive option for a standard watch, as it is form-fitting and comfortable, and a wide variety of styles are available. The Leather bands are also easily adjustable, eliminating the hassle of going to a jeweler to have it sized, or to have links removed.

However, some of watch expert said, the leather is not recommended for a tactical watch, as most leathers are not water resistant and they require more care than other bands. They get stretched and worn out and can become sticky if you’re sweating a lot.


Silicone watch bands have their advantages. Light-weight and durable, they are also non-absorbent, making them water-resistant as well as odor-resistant. Silicone also does an excellent job of supporting heavier watches.

Like leather watches, silicone watches are available in a wide variety of styles and are easy to resize.

Although Silcone/Rubber is Light-weight and durable- the material is not breathable.

The biggest problem with silicone watch bands, however, is that the material is not breathable. Also, the surface can become sticky, resulting in small debris on the surface.


Metal watch bands – often called bracelets – are also available in a large number of styles. Pins or screws are used to hold the bracelet links together.

The type of metal used can significantly impact the weight. Steel, for example, is noticeably heavier than titanium. Bracelets are usually more expensive than straps but are considered highly durable.

In fact, even a decades-old metal bracelet can often be made to look brand new with a simple re-polishing.

For a tactical watch, it’s important to remember that like silicone, metal is not breathable. If you’re in a warm climate, it will likely stick to your skin. Metal is also thermally conductive, which means that on cold days it will become cold too.


For a tactical watch, nylon is generally seen as the material that is most ideal. It is relatively durable, resists regular wear and tear, resists UV, and is machine-washable. It is also breathable, which can be very important in hot climates.

Nylon is most ideal watch band for Tactical Watch.

While nylon might not be considered as classy as a bracelet or leather strap, a tactical watch emphasizes functionality as its primary feature.


Paracord is a type of cord that was first used in the second World War, where soldiers used it in their parachutes. Basically, a high-quality Paracord is used by the military; it has a nylon sheath and a seven-strand nylon core.

Military-grade paracord is legendary for its rugged durability. It’s also comfortable and dries quickly.

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400BJ series with Paracord style : image courtecy : @suzaku from .

In an emergency situations, a paracord band can be unwoven and used in an endless variety of ways, including helping to build shelter, wrapping the handle of a knife, creating a line to dry clothes, or even as shoe laces.

Recommended Watch Band for Tactical Watch

We would recommend a Nylon or Paracord band for regular daily use for your tactical watch, with a leather strap or bracelet to swap in when attending an event that calls for more formal situation.

While it may seem like an obvious point, it’s worth mentioning that because a watch strap is replaceable, it’s possible to buy multiple types and swap them out for a given situation.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, the wearer, to choose the watch strap that best suits your needs and your budget. Your local watch dealer either online or offline may be able to inform you better than me.

In my experience they should help you find exactly what you’re looking for – regardless of your price range.

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The guys from Total Watch Repair were really helpful. Not only did they assisted me in finding the right watch band, but also presented with few other watch strap options for different outfits. Finally, I ended up buying two quality straps, with a quick delivery.

Oh..Once you’ve got your new band, don’t forget to take a moment to stop, admire and enjoy it. A new watch band helps make your existing watch feel new again!