Look Tacticool With The Best G-Shock Watches for Military

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When we talk about G-Shock watches for military, until today, I think this brand still popular among military person out there, including policeman or fireman and it also becoming unofficial choice of Special Forces across the world. Although history of the G-Shock is very different from any other military watches,  since G-Shock was not initially developed as a watch for military use.

Originally G-Shock was targeted at people looking for a watch for sports and outdoor adventure oriented activity that an affordable and tough enough, so it could survive the knocks and bashed out during excessive sports activity. So, it is exactly that tough and resilient nature of the G Shock that has made the watch appeal to Special Forces around the world, and has been adopted as the unofficial Special ops timepiece.

G-Shock Military Inspired

“G-Force” G-Shock Military Inspired – first released in 2009

Back in 2009, there’s something about Casio’s G-Shock that I just can’t shake when they released first limited edition military concept a.k.a G-Shock Military Insired series and that was a great addition to their models.  All are encased in matte black with buttons finished in black ion plating and have reverse LCDs with red numeric displays – makes me wanted to buy it. All of them!

I would recommend that you stay clear of any of the negative display`s if you work in underwater area, as they have reduced contrast levels, which makes them pretty much useless in low-light conditions. They are cool and very stealthy but as mentioned, also harder to read in difficult light conditions.


What you’re looking at below is a set of G-Shock series that suitable and useful for military use.  All the models are in analog with dark solid color, the color that is perfectly suited and acceptable for military use but is also right for casual civilian wear as well.

Some of these models packed with functionality that you may or may not use. Nevertheless, we gather up the best g-shock watches for military with a tough and simple looking watch base on styling, prices, features/usability, and battery life.

Let’s get started..


G-Shock DW-6900MS-1

I have owned a bunch of G-Shock and this one is my favorite. G-Shock DW-6900MS-1 base on the popular series of DW-6900 and 6900 series perhaps the most recognizable G-Shock case along with the 5600 series. Casio has stated that the DW-6900 is the best-selling case design.

Unlike the original shiny resin band, the band used in DW-6900MS-1 is stealth with black finishing that is also applied to the watch case.

G-Shock DW-6900MS-1JF

Compared to other G-Shock watches, the DW-6900MS-1 is far from being the most sophisticated in terms of features. This watch come with standard G-Shock features like date, an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer and 200m water resistance.

But the most important feature that makes DW-6900MS a best military series is its durability and well.. guess what? Price!.

PriceG-Shock DW-6900MS-1 is  the few options under $100 USD watches in the market that’s actually worth considering. See here for live price on Amazon.

G-Shock DW-6900MS

DW-6900MS utilizing a striking military inspired design this Casio G-Shock watch can withstand just about anything. Made to be tough and durable this resin based digital timepiece has been built to weather the storm.Read review

G-Shock DW-6900MS


G-Shock GD-X6900-1

The GDX6900-1 is a black digital watch with a black face and resin band. This model is the “Big” version of 6900 case. This digital watch is the perfect balance of strength and style  and is tested to military standards of MIL-STD-810 and is also known for its stunning 10-year battery life and Alpha Gel protection for extreme shock resistance.

G-Shock GD-X6900-1JF

The GD-X6900-1 is bigger than the DW-6900 series. But in my opinion the X designation in the model number is NOT meant to target a market of extra large wrists. Rather, it is meant to designate a fashionable extra large or big look of the watches in the series, and is relevant to fashion, not wrist size.

The GD-X6900-1 available in a variety range of colors and design, but for military use I recommended to the basic black model. There are also G-Shock GD-X6900 camouflage versions with standard displays that may be worth looking into like GD-X6900MC series.

With the price tag under $100 USD, this watch is a no-brainier to add to your target. Don’t hesitate on this one…its perfect!

G-Shock GD-X6900-1

I have a small wrist, so watch looks massive on me. The size is perfect and the back-light is bright. Generally awesome.Read review

G-Shock GD-X6900-1


G-Shock DW-5600MS-1

First released in Februari, 2009. DW-5600MS come with negative display and a black matte finish case & band to match the overall color theme. This series base on style of G-shocks classic DW-5600E-1V models and packed with standard G-Shock features like date, an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer and 200m water resistance. Personally, I own the DW-5600MS and I’m always wearing it in my day to day activities.

G-Shock DW-5600MS-1

With a current price around $90 you don’t have to worry about breaking it while wearing it. If you looking  a tough and simple watch, G-Shock DW-5600MS is perfect for you.

G-Shock DW-5600MS-1CR G-Force Military Concept Black

The DW-5600MS in Matte Black features a black matte finish case & band, shock resistant, 200M WR, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch and auto-calendarRead review

G-Shock  DW-5600MS-1CR G-Force Military Concept Black


G-Shock GD-100MS-1

With its stealth black color, red LCD and X-Large case, the GD-100MS (military style), has a tough tactical look to it, with LCD display that is view-able at a glance in bright sunlight and in well lit interiors.

The button and Auto-Illumination allow for easy operation and access to a host of useful functions. With a 7 year battery life, you can always count on your G-Shock to make it through the toughest conditions.


At price below $100 USD (see here for update price on Amazon), this watch is a great choice for you.

G-Shock GA-100MB Military Black

The GA-100MB “Military Black” series represent a more modern take on a military watch and one of the popular Big Case 100 Series. Ultra tough shock resistance, an auto-on high contrast LED back-light for quick reading , world time, a precise stopwatch, countdown timer, and 200M of water resistance.

The GA-100MB is packed with features including a speed measurement function that will calculate your speed measured over a certain distance and battery life is rated for 2 years.


This big case of GA-100MB is also the few alternative under $100 watches in the market that’s actually worth considering. See here for live price.

G-SHOCK GA-100MB-1 Military Black Series

Introducing a new collection of basic-black additions to the popular Big Case Series. Touches of red and other colors provide great looking accents against the basic black of the cases, bands, digital displays, bezel lettering, and buttons. Base model is the popular GA-100.Read review

G-SHOCK GA-100MB-1 Military Black Series


G-Shock GD-120MB Military Black

The GD-120MB-1 “Military Black” series also one of the popular version of Big Case 100 series. It’s matte black with red decoration along the case.  If you compare with The G-Shock GD-X6900 is slightly larger but the GD-120MBs digits are slightly bigger, so.. this watch is better suited to those with a large wrist.

G-Shock Military Black-Series GD120MB-1D

If you are going for stealthy look, you will be extremely excited to have this watch, with 7-year battery life making it a good choice for “free and easy” military use. The GD-120 series is also available in a brown camo version (GD-120CM) with a normal display.

At only $99 the GD-120MB-1 is a great choice for you. see here for update price on Amazon.

G-Shock GD-120MB-1JF

” GD-120MB is awesome! It’s matte black with some red decorations, and the light is like royal blue. When it’s in normal condition, the screen shows a black background and grey numbers”.Read review

G-Shock GD-120MB-1JF


G-Shock GD-350-1B

If your are looking looking for a black, stealthy, rugged watch that was easy to read in all lighting conditions, then G-Shock GD-350-1B may suite for you. The GD-350-1B come with the countdown timer with , easily identifiable button for direct access and sure operation under the toughest of conditions.

At the end of a countdown, alerts are issued by either a vibration or a tone plus LED flash operation.

G-Shock GD-350-1BJF

The special shock absorbed design of the back of G-Shock GD-350-1 helps to ensure that vibrations are felt when it is worn.

With approx 5-year battery life and price tag around $100 USD making it a great addition for those who demand precision and stealth watch. See here for live price

G-Shock GD-350-1B

This new G-SHOCK was engineered for those special secret missions that demand precision and stealth. The countdown timer function has a large, easily identifiable button for direct access and sure operation under the toughest of conditionsRead review

G-Shock GD-350-1B


G-Shock GD-400MB-1

Another affordable military watch from G-Shock “Military Black” version is G-Shock GD-400MB. This model is become one of my favorite watch since I personally own the Red G-Shock GD-400-4 series. After releasing Black GD-400-1J with negative display back in July 2014, GD-400MB definitely is a great new addition for GD-400 line series.

G-Shock GD-400MB packed with standard features G-Shock technologies, water resistant up to 200 meters (656 feet), chronograph function, world time for 31 time zones/48 international cities, plus a five daily alarm options and also come with face protector (also knows as Bull Bar) which protects against impact from the back of the watch, scratches and gives the watch an extra-tough look.

G-Shock Military Black-Series GD400MB-1D

G-Shock GD-400MB look pretty much like my GD-350 series. Although the size of the GD-400 is seem larger than the GD-350, it actually doesn’t look real big or too big to my wrist. This makes this watch probably suitable for most wrist sizes.

With the price tag below $100 USD, this watch is a great deal — especially for those who love a classic 90’s looks in their wrist. See here for update price.


Awesome watch. Looks rad and super ruff and rugged. Black with green digi is stealthy and attractiveRead review



G-Shock Can Survive Rough Treatment

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of The Best G-Shock for military style series out there.  Keep in mind that any G-Shock model can handle military environment and the price may have changed depending on the country or region. I hope you will find one watch that fits you.