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Garmin symbols meaning | Garmin app icons: Garmin is one of the most used brands if we talk about smartwatches. Garmin displays different symbols in their smartwatches to enhance the usability of the users. Different Garmin symbols meaning are explained in this article.

Garmin icons meaning

In this article, we will also learn all the factors related to Garmin icons.

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What do you mean by Garmin symbols?

Garmin symbols are a certain set of marks or you can say characters that are used by Garmin for conventional representation of certain functions. These symbols are implemented by Garmin in its smartwatches to provide better understandability of its functions.

The different symbols represent different functions in the different models of Garmin smartwatches.

What do you mean by Garmin icons?

In precise, we can say that Icons are the graphical representation of the function of a smartwatch. Garmin Icons are the graphical representations of the function that Garmin provides in its smartwatches for the users to understand the functions in a better way.

Garmin Symbols Meaning & App Icons (Latest Edition)

There are multiple symbols or icons that will appear in your Garmin smartwatch when you are using it. It is necessary for you to know the meaning of these symbols for ease of use. Let us go through these Garmin icons with images.

garmin symbol means

ABC Sensors

This Garmin symbol means or represents the ABC sensors that are given in the smartwatch. The users can directly get access to the ABC sensor by clicking this Garmin icon.

garmin icon for lock

Lock Keys

Lock Key icon on the Garmin smartwatch denotes the lock function of the Garmin smartwatch. The users of  Garmin can directly lock the smartwatch by using the lock symbol.

heart rate

Heart Rate

This symbol represents the Heart Rate sensor. You can track your heart rate day and night by using this symbol in the Garmin smartwatch.

garmin weather icon


It is one of the Garmin symbols which is used to understand the weather conditions of the environment by the users of the smartwatches. The users can get information about the weather conditions with the help of this symbol in the smartwatch itself.

garmin light icon

Backlight Brightness

This is a symbol given by Garmin in its smartwatches which is used by the users of the smartwatches to control the backlight brightness of the smartwatch. This Garmin symbol is often used by the users of the smartwatches

garmin symbol means

Find Phone

It is one of the most useful symbols given by Garmin in its smartwatches with the help of which the users of the smartwatch can find the phones. This Garmin symbol proves to be very useful to Garmin users.       

garmin icons meaning

Last Ride

The last ride symbol of the Garmin smartwatch is used by the users of the smartwatches to find out the status or to track the last ride with the help of the smartwatch. 

Garmin stress symbol


Measuring stress is also nowadays possible with the smartwatch. This Garmin symbol meaning is simple you can have access to the stress level with the help of this symbol in the smartwatch. 

garmin symbol 2022

Last Sport

Find and track the last activity done by you with the help of this symbol in the Garmin smartwatch. This Garmin symbol means or represents the sports mode of the smartwatch which is mainly used at the time of doing exercise or running etc.

garmin weather symbol

Chance of Rain

This is a very simple symbol in the Garmin smartwatch which is used by the users of the smartwatch to get information about the rain. This Garmin symbol helps in planning future events by giving the information of rain.

garmin icons 2022

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a function in the Garmin smartwatch in which all notifications of the smartwatch will be blocked. This icon plays a very important role especially when you are in a meeting. 

garmin symbol meaning 2022


This symbol of the Garmin smartwatch helps the users of the smartwatch to get the direction. This Garmin symbol is mainly used in tracking, mountain climbing, etc.

garmin symbols of 2022


The calendar is one of the most important functions that is required by every user. This Garmin symbol gives you the opportunity to access the calendar of the smartwatch directly by clicking the calendar. 

garmin symbols music


Music Icon is very familiar to all of us as it is mostly used by us frequently. Most of the music app icons are the same even on smartphones. The music app can be accessed directly by clicking the music icon.

garmin symbol means


This Garmin symbol is found only on those smartwatches that support the calling feature. The calling settings can be accessed by clicking the call icon.

smartwatch settings


This icon is available on almost all smartwatches. This Icon gives you the option to directly enter the settings of the smartwatch by clicking the settings icon.

Garmin symbols


This symbol represents the Barometer in the Garmin smartwatch. You can directly access or view all your data using this Garmin symbol.

garmin icon meanings

Battery Level

This icon represents the battery level or settings of the Garmin smartwatch. You can click the battery icon to check the battery level or to change the battery settings on the smartwatch.

Garmin symbols meaning


It is a very common symbol that is found in Garmin smartwatches. This Garmin symbol means the texting function of the smartwatch. The users of the smartwatch can directly access the messages of the smartwatch by clicking the messages icon.

Garmin dogs symbol

Dogs Track

This is a very useful symbol of the Garmin smartwatch that is used to track your dog. You can track your pet dog by connecting the dog tracker with your smartwatch. Just tab the dog’s track symbol and know your dog’s location.

garmin run symbol meaning


The run icon is found inside the exercise app. This Garmin symbol resembles the run option of the smartwatch which you can get by clicking the Run icon.

Garmin time zone icon

Time Zone

There are multiple time zones available in the world. The users of the Garmin smartwatch can access the time zone settings by clicking the time zone symbol directly.

Garmin swim symbol meanings


Swimming is a symbol that is mostly found in the waterproof smartwatches of Garmin. The swimming symbol/icon gives you the option to explore the features related to swimming in the smartwatch.

garmin altimeter meaning


This Garmin symbol meanings resemble Altimeter. The users of Garmin can directly access the altimeter setting by clicking this icon.

garmin steps taken

Steps Taken

It is a simple symbol/icon that looks like shoes that represent ‘Steps Taken’. This symbol helps you to track the steps you have taken throughout the day.

Flame icon in garmin

Calories Burned

The Flame symbol of the Garmin smartwatch represents the Calories Burned. This symbol /icon helps the user to access the calories burned where they can see the number of estimated calories burned based on their type of activity and the duration of the activity.

best garmin symbols


You can access the temperature settings of the Garmin smartwatches with the help of this Garmin symbol. This Garmin symbol plays a very important role in the life of a passionate worker who works in different temperatures.

garmin moon phases symbol means

Moon Phases

Different moon phases are explained in the Garmin smartwatches and you can get the information in just a simple click all you need to do is click this icon.

garmin sunrise symbol means


This Garmin symbol is used to get information of the sunrise and the sunset. The smartwatch users of Garmin can get direct access to the sunrise information or sunset information by clicking this Garmin symbol.

Garmin icon meaning

Floor Climbed

The ‘Floor climbed‘ symbol is an icon in the Garmin smartwatch that helps you to track the number of floors you have climbed.

Why do Garmin Smartwatches have Symbols?

Garmin smartwatches are very stylish and simple to use. Garmin has given many symbols in its smartwatches in order to help its users to understand to functions of the smartwatch more specifically.

Garmin always thinks of its customers which is why they have given these symbols in the smartwatches which also act as shortcuts for accessing different functions in the smartwatch. 

What are the different app symbols on Garmin?

Garmin smartwatches have numerous applications introduced in it so they have given numerous symbols to help those applications to definitively be gotten to more. A portion of the application symbols that are given in the Garmin smartwatches are:

garmin moon phases symbol means

FAQ – Different Garmin symbol meanings

We are using Garmin smartwatches and we all do have many questions in our mind regarding the Garmin symbol meanings. Some of the common question that are frequently asked by the Garmin users are

What does the fire symbol mean on Garmin Watch?

Garmin smartwatches have numerous symbols that signify various implications. The fire Symbol signifies the calories consumed in the Garmin smartwatch.

In the event that you are a wellness darling then this symbol on the Garmin smartwatch may come to an extraordinary utilization of yours.

Is there a music icon available on the Garmin smartwatch?

Yes, the music icon is available on the Garmin smartwatches with the help of which the user can directly play or listen to music in the smartwatch.

What do the icons on Garmin instinct mean??

The different icons on a Garmin Instinct mean the different functions given on a Garmin smartwatch. These icons can also be used as a shortcut to explore or access the functions directly.

Which is the most popular icon on a Garmin smartwatch?

Each icon on a Garmin smartwatch has its own meaning. The most used icon on a Garmin smartwatch is the battery icon which is used by the users to check the battery level of the smartwatch.


In this article, we have explained the different Garmin symbol meanings with the help of the images. These Garmin symbols are used by the users in different tasks as per their needs.

If you have any queries or if you want to know about any icons/symbols of Garmin smartwatches then let us know by commenting. We will definitely get back to you with the solution.Categories General Smartwatches

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