Fitbit Symbols Meaning | Fitbit Icons Meaning (2022 Edition)

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Fitbit symbols meaning | Fitbit app icons: While we are using Fitbit smartwatches we often come through certain icons and symbols.

fitbit symbols meaning and app icons

Many of those icons/symbols are understood by us and many are not. Fitbit has given those icons in its smartwatches so that it can improve the user experience of its users.

In this article, we will learn all the factors related to Fitbit Icons and symbols.

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What do you mean by Fitbit symbols?

Fitbit symbols are a certain set of marks or characters that are used by Fitbit for conventional representation of certain functions. The different symbols represent different functions in the Fitbit smartwatches.

These symbols are added by Fitbit to its smartwatches to provide better understandability of its functions. The symbols may differ in different models of Fitbit Smartwatches.

What do you mean by Fitbit icons?

In general, Icons are termed as graphical representations of a function or a program, or an option. Fitbit Icons are those graphical representations of options that Fitbit provides in its smartwatches for ease of usage or better understanding of functions.

Fitbit Symbol Meanings & App Icons (2022 Edition)

There are lots of icons and symbols on a Fitbit which will appear while operating your Fitbit smartwatch. It is necessary for you to know the meaning of these symbols for ease of use. Let me explain these Fitbit icons with images for all models including Fitbit charge 2, 4, 5, and Fitbit Sense, Versa, Luxe.

heart rate

Heart Rate

This symbol represents the Heart Rate sensor. You can track your heart rate day and night by using this symbol in the Fitbit smartwatch.

weather app


It is one of the Fitbit symbols which is used to understand the weather conditions of the environment.



The distance symbol in the Fitbit smartwatch is used to track the distance covered or to get an idea of locations.

hourly activity

Hourly Activity

Hourly Activity is a Fitbit symbol that is used to track the activity of each hour. This icon can be clicked and accessed the hourly activity.

exercise app

Exercise App

The exercise symbol or icon is a graphical representation of the exercise app of the smartwatch. The app can be accessed directly by clicking this icon.

water lock

Water Lock

It is a symbol in the Fitbit smartwatch that is displayed when water is detected. You can access this function by clicking the water lock icon instantly.

active minutes

Active Minutes

It is the symbol/icon that looks like a lightning bolt which gives you the information that you have spent how much time in an activity.

sleep mode

Sleep Mode

This Fitbit symbol looks like the moon. The sleep mode is used in the time of sleeping by the users of the smartwatch.

do not disturb

DND Feature

Do not Disturb (DND) is a function in the Fitbit smartwatch in which all notifications of the smartwatch will be blocked. This icon plays a very important role specially when you are in a meeting.

screen wake

Screen Wake

This symbol of the Fitbit smartwatch lets the display on when you turn your wrist.



It is a very common symbol or icon that is found in many smartwatches that represents the alarm function of the smartwatch. You can change your alarm settings by clicking this icon directly.

music controls


Music Icon is very familiar to all of us as it is mostly used by us frequently. Most of the music app icons are the same even on smartphones. The music app can be accessed directly by clicking the music icon.

fitbit calling


This Fitbit symbol is found only on those smartwatches that support the calling feature. The calling settings can be accessed by clicking the call icon.



Settings symbol/icon is available in almost all the smartwatches. This Icon gives you the option to directly enter the settings of the smartwatch by clicking the settings icon.

today tab

Today Tab

This symbol represents the Today Tab in the Fitbit smartwatch. You can directly access or view all your data and active challenges in a single dashboard using this Fitbit symbol.

quick settings

Quick Settings

This icon represents the quick settings which is used to control the functions of the smartwatch. You can say the ‘Quick Settings’ as a shortcut key for accessing the settings.

fitbit pay

Fitbit Pay

This Fitbit symbol denotes the payment system of Fitbit. The Fitbit pay can be explored directly through this icon.

spo2 tracker

SpO2 Tracker

This is a very useful symbol of the Fitbit smartwatch that is used to access the app which allows you to track your blood oxygen saturation.

run icon


The run icon is found inside the exercise app. This Fitbit symbol resembles the run option of the smartwatch which you can get by clicking the Run icon.



Walk icon is also found inside the exercise app. The walk symbol/icon is used to explore the functions related to walking in the smartwatch.



Swimming is a symbol that is mostly found in the waterproof smartwatches of Fitbit. The swimming symbol/icon gives you the option to explore the features related to swimming in the smartwatch.

reminder icon


This is a symbol in the Fitbit smartwatch that is used to give notifications to the user of the smartwatch. Reminders are used to set a reminder with a certain time and in that time you will be notified.

steps taken

Steps Taken

It is a simple symbol/icon that looks like shoes that represent ‘Steps Taken’. This symbol helps you to track the steps you have taken throughout the day.

calorie burn

Calories Burned

The Flame symbol/icon of the Fitbit smartwatch represents the Calories Burned. This symbol /icon helps the user to access the calories burned where they can see the number of estimated calories burned based on their type of activity and the duration of the activity.

floors climbed

Floor Climbed

The ‘Floor climbed‘ symbol is an icon in the Fitbit smartwatch that helps you to track the number of floors you have climbed.

Why do Fitbit Smartwatches have Symbols?

Fitbit smartwatches are very user-friendly and easy to use by the customers.  Fitbit has given many symbols/icons in order to make the functions/programs more understandable. The Fitbit symbol also plays a vital role as a shortcut key for accessing the function directly for which the symbol is given.

What are the different app symbols on Fitbit?

Fitbit smartwatches have multiple apps installed in it so they have given many symbols/icons to help those apps to be accessed more precisely. Some of the app symbols which are used in the Fitbit smartwatches are:

fitbit calling

FAQs 2022 – Different Symbols On Fitbit

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Fitbit icons and symbols meaning for their exact functions/features.

What do you mean by Fitbit stock symbols?

Normally the Fitbit stock symbol is termed as ‘FIT’. The price of the Fitbit stock continuously making a upward rally. All the investors of the Fitbit Brand are quite impressed with the performance of the stock price.

What is the meaning of Fire/Flame symbol on Fitbit smartwatches?

Fitbit smartwatches have many symbols that denotes different meanings. The fire/flame symbol denotes calories burned in the Fitbit smartwatch.

If you are a fitness lover than this symbol on Fitbit smartwatch may come a great use of yours.

What is the Lightning Bolt meaning on Fitbit smartwatch?

The lightning bolt represents the active minutes. This Fitbit icon is used to track the activity done by you in a certain period of time.


In this article we have listed the regularly used Fitbit symbols along with the image of that particular icon/symbol so that you can understand the symbol more precisely.

If you have any queries or if you want to know about any icons/symbols of Fitbit smartwatches then let us know by commenting. We will definitely get back to you soon with the solution.