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10 BEST Smartwatch Under $50 – Cheap Smartwatches 50 Dollars

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A few weeks ago, my friend came to me (this is usual) and asked me; hey dear, is there any of the best smartwatch under 50 dollars available in the market?

I was looking at his face for a minute. He looks like a man with big concern, although this is not a big deal.

But he is not familiar with smartwatches, so he wanted to experience this type of advanced watches. He started going to the gym a few days before.

He was wanting to track his health activity. And I have a good knowledge of related to smartwatches and their availability. That time, I have suggested to him a cheap smartwatch under 50.

My experience from this story assumes that most people are not familiar with the availability of smartwatches in terms of pricing.

The good news is, at this time there are lots of budget smartwatches are available in the market at a cheap price.

Here we have listed some of the best and recommended smartwatches under 50 dollars, although some are available at 40 dollars and below.

We drill down them by adding some criteria;

  • Good battery life
  • All necessary fitness tracking features must be available
  • Protection against water damages
  • Have a good design and look
  • And more useful things.

Before exploring them, let you know about us. Our opinion says transparency is like something that someone believes or trusts in you.

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The reason that you trust us?

I have changed almost 10 smartwatches in my current life. All of those smartwatches picked to form different price segments;

  • Some of the premium
  • Few were cheap and luxurious

You can imagine how much I have experience related to smartwatches and their functions. Confidently I have complete knowledge to recommend and suggest the best smartwatches to user requirements.

Fortunately, I have already recommended more than 20 watches for my friends and relatives. Now I am going to recommend it to my readers (that is you).

Before that let’s determine your requirement to pick the best suitable smartwatch for you under $50 (USDs).

When to look for a budget smartwatch?

If you are using smartwatches for the first time then you go budget smartwatch. Even if you are going to gift someone who loves workout then you should think about a budget smartwatch.

And if you are going to use the smartwatch for basic features (such as health tracking, compatibility with other devices, good design, etc). then you should go for a budget smartwatch because highly advanced features that increase the price of the smartwatches are not required.

If you are a student then I recommend looking for a budget smartwatch because a budget smartwatch has all the functions which a student needs in his day-to-day activities.

Quick List – Best Smartwatch Under 50

Product Image Brand ModelSpecial Fatures 
1. Donerton Smart Watch8 Sport modesMusic controlCamera controller
Buy on Amazon
2. Tinwoo Smart WatchUltra-thin Body 14 Clock faces Wireless charging 
Buy on Amazon
3. Amokeoo Smartwatch MultifunctionalLong-lasting BatterySIM Card Slot
Buy on Amazon
4. Peakfun Smartwatch IP67 WaterproofCustomizable Watch faceMultifunctional
Buy on Amazon
5. YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness TrackerIP68 WaterproofFitness TrackerMusic Controller
Buy on Amazon
6. LETSCOM Smart WatchMusic ControlIP68 Water ResistantTracking Pedometer
Buy on Amazon
7. LETSCOM Smart Watch12 Sports ModesIP68 WaterproofWeather Forecasting
Buy on Amazon
8. Blackview Smart Watch X2 IP68 Waterproof9 Sport modesAll-day activity tracking
Buy on Amazon
9. RTAKO Smart WatchBlood Oxygen MonitorIP68 WaterproofPhone Finder
Buy on Amazon
10. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker/Pedometer WatchActivity Tracker14-Sport TrackingSedentary Alert 
Buy on Amazon

This was a glimpse for the best smartwatch under $50. This time to explore into these cheap smartwatches deeply and elaborately.

10 Best Smartwatch Under 50 Dollars – 2021 Edition

  1. Donerton Smartwatch
  2. Tinwoo Smartwatch
  3. Amokeoo Smartwatch
  4. Peakfun Cheap Smartwatch
  5. YAMAY Fitness Tracker
  6. LETSCOM multicolor
  7. LETSCOM Allrounder
  8. Blackview X2
  9. RTAKO cheap Smartwatch
  10. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

Let me explain these best smartwatch under $50 one by one. This will make your decision more clear and specific.

1. Donerton Smartwatch

Donerton Smart Watch

Customers’ Review

4.3 out of 5
(5,541 ratings)

It is a highly desirable smartwatch from Donerton with a 1.4-inch full touch screen HD display under this price range which is loaded with abundant advanced features for its customer’s satisfaction.

It is a multiple function smartwatch. This smartwatch has a smart notification function which gives notification off calls, messages, and other alerts.

The 8 sport modes of this smartwatch allow you to use it as an assistant while doing exercise as well as other activities.

You can easily wash your hands as well as have a bath even by wearing the smartwatch. You do not have to worry about your smartwatch getting damaged by water because this smartwatch of Donerton is ip67 water-resistant.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP67 waterproof
Texts messagesAvailable
Heart rate monitorYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Fitness and Health TrackerYes
Multiple alarmsAvailable
Exercise mode8-sport modes
Battery lifeUp to 30-day (Standby mode)
Music and camera controlAvailable

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this budget Donerton smartwatch under 50 dollars, you might be able to understand this about the product in a better way.


This amazing smartwatch by Donerton is ip67 waterproof. You can easily wash your hands and even have a bath with this smartwatch without having the tension of getting damaged. 

8 Sports Mode

Donerton has given 8 sport modes inbuilt along with it which can help you in performing exercise in your daily routine. It will not only help you but also guide you in performing your exercise. 

Heart Rate monitor

You can measure your heart rate even on the go with this smartwatch. You can keep a track of your health with this smartwatch. 

Camera Controller

 You can control the camera of your phone with this smartwatch. After connecting this smartwatch with your phone you can click photo simply by shaking the smartwatch. Carrying a selfie stick can be avoided if you are using this smartwatch.

Music Control

Control your music with this smartwatch. All you have to do is connect your phone with the smartwatch and you can control the music with the smartwatch. You do not have to take out your phone from your pocket.


  • Water-resistant 
  • 8 Sports mode
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Calls & SMS alert 
  • Camera and Music Controller


  • Low price range 
  • Not suitable for kids


This fashionable smartwatch is a fancy lover. It will suit those who love fashion and want to have a fashionable look in a cheap price range. Even though it is a cheap smartwatch but its look is very attractive and not only its look but this smartwatch has many useful features.

2. Tinwoo Smartwatch with Wireless Charging

Tinwoo Smart Watch

Customers’ Review

4.2 out of 5
(5,473 ratings)

This is one of the cheapest smartwatch designed by Tinwoo. It may be cheap in price but not inferior in quality.

This attractive smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch large screen which gives ease of use to its users. Apart from it this smartwatch has 14 clock faces and supports upto 4 colors. You can change the clock faces every day according to your choice.

The most amazing feature which makes it a wonderful smartwatch is its wireless charging. Yes, you are right this smartwatch supports wireless charging which we can see only in premium smartwatches.

It is an IP68 water-resistant smartwatch that relieves you from the tension of getting damaged by water. With the music controller, you can control music from your smartwatch itself all you have to do is connect the smartwatch with your phone.

You can track your health with it with the help of its inbuilt fitness tracker as well as control the camera with its camera controller. You can click photos by just shaking the smartwatch after connecting it with your phone.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 waterproof
Wireless chargingYes
Heart rate monitorAvailable
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Fitness and Health TrackerYes
Calls and SMS alertAvailable
BluetoothVersion 4.2
Dimension4.57 x 4.09 x 1.89 inches
Battery life20 days (Standby)
Music and music controlYes

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this Tinwoo cheap wireless charging smartwatch under 50, you might be able to understand this watch in a better way for under $50 price point.

Wireless Charging

This amazing smartwatch of Tinwoo supports a wireless charging facility which makes this smartwatch a different one from others.

IP68 Water-resistant 

The Tensin of a smartwatch being damaged by water is a big one but you will be relieved from this tension if you are using this smartwatch because this smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant which stops water from entering and damaging the smartwatch.

Fitness Tracker  

With this automated smartwatch you can keep a track of health and fitness. The 9 sports modes of this device helps you to perform your exercise in a better way.

Calls and SMS alert 

Never miss any calls and messages with this smartwatch as this advanced smartwatch will give you a notification regarding any calls and messages.

14 Clock faces

In the 1.3 inches large display you can change upto 14 clock faces. You can select a clock face that suits you most. This function gives you the option to have a customizable look for your smartwatch. 


  • Ultra-thin Body
  • Wireless charging
  • 14 Clock Faces
  • Water-resistant
  • Weather forecast


  • Not suitable for Military use
  • Do Not have Fingerprint Sensor


This product is more suitable for stylish persons as well as professionals. Style not only attracts others but also gives you confidence.

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3. Amokeoo Smartwatch with SIM Card and Camera

Amokeoo Smartwatch

Customers’ Review

2.9 out of 5
(325 ratings)

Could you believe if I say that you can a premium smartwatch with such price but it is true Amokeoo has brought this smartwatch for you which has certain features that have only premium smartwatches?

Yes, you are right you can get a premium experience with this smartwatch of Amokeoo which supports a SIM card slot as well as you can click images directly from the smartwatch itself. All you have to is connect your smartwatch with your phone and there you are ready for clicking images. Just shake your hand to click images.

This smartwatch comes with 1.3 inches 240×240 IPS high-pixel multicolor touch screen, which uses zinc alloy with spherical toughened glass that makes this smartwatch a noticeable one There are hundreds of interfaces which you can use according to your mode.

The waterproof IP67 of this smartwatch makes this smartwatch completely leakage-proof. You don’t have to worry about water getting inside the smartwatch.

Product specifications

Water resistanceYes
App notificationsAvailable
SIM Card SlotYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Fitness and Health TrackerYes
Sleep monitoringAvailable
BluetoothVersion 4.0
Battery lifeUp to 7 days
Music playerYes

Key Features

The following key features will help you to better understanding this cheapest Amokeoo as the best smartwatch under 50 dollars.

8 Sports Mode 

8 Sport modes of this advanced smartwatch not only supports you to perform your tasks in a better way but also guides you in performing your tasks.

Heart Rate monitor 

Measure or monitor your Heart Rate at any time anywhere with your smartwatch. This smartwatch has a Heart rate sensor which helps you in measuring the heart rate at any time anywhere. 


Wash your hands freely or even run in the rain by wearing this smartwatch it will not affect the smartwatch as this smartwatch is designed by Amokeoo maintaining the IP67 standard which makes this smartwatch a complete water-resistant smartwatch.

Weather info

Get updated weather information with this advanced smartwatch which not only shows you the current weather condition but also is capable of weather forecasting. 

Camera and Music Shutter 

Controlling and clicking your favorite pictures became easy with this simple smartwatch. You do not have to carry a selfie stick with you to click images. You can simply click images with your smartwatch by shaking it after connecting with your phone.

After connecting your phone with this smartwatch you can even control your music without even having hands on your phone. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Long battery life
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Calls and SMS alerts
  • Camera and Music Controller


  • Solar charger missing
  • Cheap Price range


This smartwatch is suitable for all. Whether you are a man, woman, or a kid this smartwatch under 50 USD will suit you as this design is such a way that everyone can use this smartwatch.

4. Peakfun Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Monitor

Peakfun Smartwatch 

Customers’ Review

3.6 out of 5
(374 ratings)

A compact smartwatch designed by Peakfun for men, women as well as kids. This smartwatch comes with a 1.28 inch 240×240 IPS high-pixel color touch screen which gives its users a very good experience.

The fitness activity of this smartwatch has 18 Sports mode in it which not only supports the users but also acts as an assistant in performing various tasks. The sports activity tracker of this super smartwatch uses a sweat and dust resistant silicone band which makes this smartwatch stylish as well as comfortable to wear.

This smartwatch is Ip67 water-resistant so that you can easily use it in the rainy season too. Water cannot affect the working of the smartwatch.

You can control music with this device, for that you have to connect your smartwatch with your phone and here you go, you are ready now you can use it as a music controller.

The camera of your phone can also be controlled with this smartwatch. You can take pictures with the smartwatch directly.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP67 Waterproof
Call and messages alertAvailable
Heart rate monitorYes
SpO2 monitorAvailable
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS smartphones
Fitness and Health TrackerYes
Multiple alarmsYes
Exercise mode18 sports modes
Battery lifeUp to 30 days
Music and camera controlAvailable

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this best smartwatch under 50 for iPhone and Android, you might be able to understand this product in a better way.

IP67 Water-resistant 

Walk-in rain, wash your hand or even sweat in summer but none of them are going to affect your smartwatch because it is IP67 water-resistant. It is completely leakage proof and is tested by the company itself.

18 Sports mode 

There are 18 inbuilt sport modes in this wonderful smartwatch. This smartwatch is specially designed by Peakfun considering the comfortability and usability of its customers.

Heart Rate monitor 

Amazing, now you can track your heart rate with your smartwatch itself. This smartwatch gives you the option to track your heart rate even on the go. 

Long Battery life 

Normally we see that smartwatches drain the battery very fast but you will be very happy to know that this smartwatch of Peakfun is capable of giving service for up to 30 days. 

Camera and Music Control

You can control your music with this efficient smartwatch. Just connect it to your phone and you are ready to go.

Controlling your camera with a smartwatch can only be seen in very advanced smartwatches. This smartwatch avails you the option to click images from your smartwatch itself without even touching the phone.  

Weather Info 

You can get weather information with the help of this smartwatch which will help in planning any trip or long drive etc. 


  • Calls & Messages
  • Waterproof
  • 18 Sport modes
  • Music controller
  • Camera controller


  • Not Suitable for military use
  • No wireless Charging


If you the one who is looking for a cheap and durable smartwatch under 50 dollars then this may be the endpoint of your search. This smartwatch is not only popular for its looks but also its durability. You can select this smartwatch blindly.

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5. YAMAY with Sleep Tracker

YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Customers’ Review

4.3 out of 5
(14,467 ratings)

YAMAY is a renowned brand when we talk about smartwatches because of their quality and features.

It is a very attractive smartwatch under $50 which is designed by YAMAY which is compatible both in android as well as iOS devices.

The smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant that makes this smartwatch a selective one for bad weather. By wearing this smartwatch you can easily swim or run in the rain or even play with water smoothly without any tension.

 This advanced smartwatch keeps track of all your daily activities as well as gives you the option to measure your heart rate even when you are on the go.

If we talk about the look of the product it is a well-finished smartwatch with having excellent look. The battery backup of the device tends upto 10 days of non-stop use.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 rating
Texts and phone callsYes
Heart rate monitorAvailable
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS phones
Fitness TrackerYes
Stopwatch and TimerAvailable
Sport mode7 dedicated modes
Sedentary reminderYes
Battery lifeUp to 10 days
Music controllerAvailable

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this waterproof smartwatch under 50 dollars by YAMAY brand, you might be able to understand this product in a better way.

Fitness Tracker 

You can accurately track your all-day activities with this amazing smartwatch. Not only this the inbuilt 7 Sports modes of this smartwatch also supports you in performing your tasks in a better way. 

IP68 water-resistant 

The IP68 water-resistance of this super smartwatch makes this smartwatch a completely waterproof one. You can easily swim, run in the rain, have a shower without having the headache of your smartwatch getting damaged.

Music Controller 

Now control your music with ease with your smartwatch by just connecting your smartwatch with your smartphone. Listening to music became easier as you can control your music without even touching your phone.

Sleep Tracker 

This smartwatch will automatically detect and track your sleep as well as analyze your sleep quality with the help of its advanced features. 

Smart Notifications 

This smartwatch is capable of giving alerts of any notifications directly to you. Even if your phone is out of your reach still you can attend to your calls and messages with the help of your smartphone.


  • Water-resistant
  • Music controller
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calls & Messages
  • Long battery life


  • Not a Premium Smartwatch
  • Not suitable for kids


This fantastic smartwatch is suitable for both men and women for its design. YAMAY has designed this smartwatch and given features of this smartwatch in such a way that it suits both men and women.

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6. LETSCOM Smartwatch with Music Controller

LETSCOM Smart Watch at cheap price

Customers’ Review

4.3 out of 5
(14,761 ratings)

Letscom is known for introducing the best quality product at an affordable and cheap price range. They have some of the most popular and demanding products in the electronic category.

This watch (from LETSCOM) can be an outstanding device at this budget price point. This is a multi-functional smartwatch because it comes with next-level health tracking features and extra-long battery life including a sleep monitor, calorie counter, Bluetooth, GPS, and more.

Additionally, you can track your lost phone with help of the in-built phone finder feature in this good-looking Letscom smartwatch for under dollar 50.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 rating
Call notificationsAvailable
Heart rate monitorYes
Calorie counterAvailable
CompatibilityAndroid and iPhones
Health TrackerYes
Multiple alarmsAvailable
Find PhoneAvailable
Battery lifeUp to 45 days
Music controlAvailable

Key Features

These are the following key features of this affordable Letscom branded smartwatch with lots of advanced features as the best smartwatch under 50 USD.

Music control

This cheap smartwatch comes with a lot of multi-functional features, it can be said a smart feature. You can connect this watch with your smartphone to control music to enjoy the listening experience.

Multiple sports modes

During the morning or evening time, we don’t have only one type of exercise. Because we go running, jogging, cycling and more other types of exercise.

So we need a dedicated exercise mode in our smartwatch for better tracking of steps, heart-beat, blood flow, etc.

This cheap smartwatch has more than 7 different activity modes.

Fitness Tracking

From my experience, most people are not wearing smartwatches to just know the time only. Nowadays a smartwatch has advanced features to give all possible features for a better livelihood experience.

Long battery life

This smartwatch can be last long upto 45 days (massive battery life). You need only a single charge and forget to recharge it for a month.


  • 8 different activity modes
  • Extra-long battery backup
  • Compact design
  • IP68 rating water-resistant


  • Good build quality
  • No solar charging


This good looking smartwatch is made for unisex. This can be worn by men, boys, and women. This will be the best fit for everybody.

7. LETSCOM Smartwatch with Pedometer

LETSCOM Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Customers’ Review

4.2 out of 5
(1,231 ratings)

This is another winner product by Letscom. This compact smartwatch has very similar functionality as compared to the previous one.

But the difference is its design. This product looks like a sports watch with some great functions including necessary sensors and features.

This is packed with automatic heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, weather forecasting, different activity modes, and more.

Have a look at the specs of this fitness tracker watch at a good price range;

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 waterproof
SMS and calls notificationAvailable
Sleep trackerYes
CompatibilityiOS and Android Phones
Health TrackerYes
Weather forecastingAvailable
Exercise mode12 sports modes
Battery lifeUp to 30 days

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of another cheapest smartwatch under 50 dollars by Letscom, you might be able to understand this product in a better way.

Android and iOS compatibility

You can easily connect this with your smartphone. Then you are free to do what you want like, music listening, activity tracking, analyzing health reports, and more.

Weather forecasting

This can be a great feature for you if you are always concerned about the changing atmosphere or weather conditions.

This watch helps you by notifying accurate weather conditions with the help of its updated forecasting technology.

Sedentary reminder

This will make you more productive if you are aware of the Pomodoro technique for boosting the level of productivity.

Not aware of this tactic, The Pomodoro is split into 25-minute working followed by 5-minute of resting, and so on.

5ATM water-resistant

You know IP68 water rating provides the best protection from water damage than IP67 rating waterproofing.


  • Pedometer for precise step counter
  • 12-dedicated sports modes
  • 30-day standby battery life
  • IP68 waterproofing
  • Tough design


  • Sports design
  • No Infrared port


This Letscom watch has a sports look, so this can be the best fit for a young aged guy who involves more in sports activities.

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8. Blackview Smart Watch X2

Blackview Smart Watch X2 for Men and Women

Customers’ Review

4.1 out of 5
(1,348 ratings)

This is my favorite watch for under 50 dollars for its design, although this elegant smartwatch has also loaded with more advanced features. But I am only in love with its design.

Features like GPS technology, Find my phone, App messages notifications, calls, and texts feature, sleep monitor, and much more are the USP of this Blackview watch.

The technology used in this device is updated. You will get accurate Heart rate monitoring and deep sleep tracking with long battery life.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 waterproof
Phone calls and SMS alertAvailable
Sleep monitorYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS compatible
Fitness TrackerYes
Find my phoneAvailable
Exercise mode9 activity modes
Battery lifeUp to 45 days
Music controlAvailable

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this hybrid smartwatch under $50, you might be able to understand this device in the right way.

GPS navigation

This technology will be necessary when you think about navigating through the map from your smartwatch. GPS systems provide a precise location for better navigation.

Accurate health tracking

Smartwatches are known for fitness tracking. But Not all watches provide accurate health-related data such as heartbeat, calorie and steps counting, etc.

This Blackview watch will provide you with accurate data to know a better health condition.

Phone calls and texts messaging

This sounds like a great feature. Normally a smartwatch is used for fitness, navigation, and some extra functions than a traditional watch.

This watch not only gives you the necessary features but also you can easily answer calls, texts, and app chats directly from this watch.

Pedometer for a precise calorie counter

This instrument is used to track the footprint. In other words, a Pedometer will track how many steps you go through all-day


  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Call and messages
  • Social media app notification
  • Up to 45 days long battery life
  • GPS navigation


  • No dollar charging
  • Not for the luxury occasion
  • NFC is missing


This is an elegant smartwatch with a good looking design. In my opinion, this will be suitable for young guys or teenage girls. Sometimes it can be referred to a professional if their favorite color is black.

9. RTAKO with Blood Oxygen Meter

RTAKO Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Oxygen

Customers’ Review

4.1 out of 5
(4,927 ratings)

In this list, some watches compete with each other. Because it’s featured at this price range. Some of the watches come with premium features such as GPS, blood oxygen meter, high definition touchscreen display, and more.

RTAKO is on the rock. This watch has not only a good-looking design, in fact, but this also provides tremendous features like a premium.

This watch is loaded with remote music control, dedicated female health-tracking, phone finder security, 5ATM waterproofing, and more advanced stuff.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP68 rating waterproof
Phone and MessagesYes
Blood Oxygen MonitorYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS mobiles
Health TrackerYes
Phone FinderAvailable
Sedentary RemindersYes
Exercise mode16 sport modes
Battery life30 days (Standby)
Music controlAvailable

Key Features

The following key features might be able to understand this product in a better way about this cheap RTAKO smartwatch with a blood oxygen meter. These features make it the best smartwatch under 50 dollars.

Remotes listening control

This will be very useful for a music lover person, either they can be a woman or a man. This will be easily connected with an Android or iOS compatible smartphone.

16 dedicated activity tracker modes

We workout, run, jog, swim, and do many more healthy exercises. Although every activity has a different impact on our body. So we need a dedicated tracker to get accurate health reports and data.

Blood oxygen monitor

This can be the most important part of our healthy body. Because our blood flow tells us about our health condition.

This watch has an in-built blood oxygen tracker instrument to track every flow of oxygen in the blood.

Female health tracking

As we know female health is more sensitive than male health. Similarly, they need a special tracking technology that is familiar with how a female health system works.

Better analyzing means better tracking, and this feature is fulfilled by this RTAKO smartwatch.

5ATM water protection

Ingress protection rating (IP rating) is a standard in terms of the durability of a product. IP68 gives the highest protection against dust, water, and long-term immersion pressure.

And the good thing is, this watch has an IP68 rating of water protection.


  • Sedentary reminder
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • GPS connectivity
  • Different sports modes
  • Calls and messages


  • Minimal design
  • No solar charging
  • Average build quality


As we can see this watch has a minimal and lightweight design. This can look very awesome on a female wrist. Has a dedicated female health tracking feature.

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10. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR Waterproof Smart Fitness Band

Customers’ Review

4.1 out of 5
(18,507 ratings)

In this affordable list, this is the third Letscom smartwatch that is picked by us. There is only one unbiased reason behind this selection of this item.

This watch is a true fitness band available with some similar but advanced features like a Pedometer, calorie counter, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking with water resistance.

This fitness band is very lightweight (weight 0.84 Ounces) with smart connectivity features such as receiving calls and texts, emails notifications straight on your wrist.

Product specifications

Water resistanceIP67 rating
Calls and MessagesAvailable
Calorie CounterAvailable
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Health TrackerYes
Remote Camera ShootingAvailable
BluetoothVersion 4.0
Exercise mode14 sports tracking
Battery life7 days
Sedentary AlertAvailable

Key Features

With the help of the following key features of this good looking smartwatch by LETSCOM, you might be able to understand this smartwatch under $50 (USD) in a better way.

OLED display

There are lots of varieties of displays available in the market. But the thing is which types of displays are more power-efficient and brighten?

The answer is OLED, it has a great brightness level and more energy-saving ability.

Great battery backup

This is the most important factor to consider while buying a rechargeable product. Forget other things for a minute, but we can not tolerate low battery backup products.

Advanced features at a cheap price

We know very well, a cheap product gives less value and features as compared to a premium commodity.

But the good thing is, this Letscom smartwatch gives you more value and advanced features at this budget price point.

Fitness band smartwatch

This is not only a smartwatch this is also a fitness band that is very lightweight and comes with a bunch of health tracking features.

Bluetooth and GPS

It comes with Bluetooth (Version 4.0) and upgraded GPS (Global Positioning System) for better and precise navigation while driving a car or a motorcycle bike.


  • Smart fitness band watch
  • Available at cheap price
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • GPS navigation system
  • Calls and text messages
  • Different colors availability


  • NFC is not available
  • Good build quality
  • IP67 waterproof rating


Frankly, because of its design, this is for every athletics guy or girl. This is a fitness band with useful fitness tracking functionalities.

Things to Consider before Picking a Cheap Smartwatch?

Over 100 purchases are made every month at my house. Some products are a staple, some durable, and some of the dissonance-reducing buying products.

Everybody knows picking a smartwatch takes some involvement, no matter the price is cheap or high. We are going to spend some amount of money, and why not we think about the noticeable concern.

Here are some important things that I always look at before selecting a product that’s price starts from 40 dollars.

Battery life (if applicable)

Dollar 30 or 40 is not a usual price. This takes some involvement and consideration before spending this amount.

Sometimes we need reviews, opinions, and relatives’ suggestions about the product.

According to me, the battery is the most important thing to consider while making a purchase decision. In our rush life, we don’t have time to run again and again for recharging the battery of that device.

So always look for battery life when you are going to purchase an electronic device (rechargeable products).

Brand image

While purchasing a smartwatch selecting a brand is the most important factor one should consider because if you select a good and reputed brand it seems that you will get good service out of its product.

Brand not only represents the quality of the products but also the faith of the customers along with it.

Price point

The price of the product is the factor that everyone analyses before purchasing any product. This factor should be considered deeply while making the purchase decision.

Price not only affects the quality of the product but also gives us multiple options to purchase in different ranges. 

Build quality

It refers to certain factors which include;

  • Design of the product 
  • The durability of the product 
  • Look at the product
  • Body material of the product etc.

These factors should be kept in mind while making the purchase decision because it directly affects the user experience of the customer.

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Damage protection

Keep in mind, enabling Ingress protection (aka IP rating) will not cost you heavy to a brand. Most of the popular brands like Letscom, YAMAY, Rtako, Blackview, etc. provide this type of protection at a budget price.

This protection should be considered;

  • Water-resistant
  • Build material
  • Display protection glass (not necessary)

Although products can be cheap or premium, you should check these things.

Health tracking features

Health tracking features are those features that help us maintain our health. Some of the  health tracking features which we should consider before making a purchase decision are as follows:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sports mode 
  • Sleep tracker 
  • Pedometer etc.

Customers feedback 

Yes last but not least comes the customers’ feedback. This is the most important factor that should be considered before purchasing any product because the feedback of the existing users may help us understand the product in a better prospect.

It will not only serve as a basis for understanding the product but you can get a live idea regarding the quality of the product.

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Our Top Picks – Best Smartwatch Under 5o Dollars

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The Conclusion

Every fashionable guy or concerned person wears a watch on their wrist. Although a traditional watch does not provide health-related and some extra features for a better livelihood.

Why not, we move to the smartwatch for extra and advanced features such as health activity tracking, compatibility with other devices, navigation features, and more.

Although smartwatches do not cost heavy. Nowadays they are so cheaper than earlier that everybody can afford them easily.

All of these are the best smartwatches under 50 with all necessary health-related advanced features.

We need the products (not only smartwatches) that are important for our health and ease of day-to-day life.

Now it’s your turn, can you tell us something about you?

Let us know, which smartwatch that features impressed you the most. Maybe, you have already decided on the best suitable for you.

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FAQ – Best Smartwatch Under 50 Dollars

We have seen some people asking these frequently asked questions while finding and picking the best budget smartwatches under $50.

But we noticed, still there are no relevant answers available. Now we are covering those questions in this guide.

Will a cheap smartwatch work with an Android or iPhone?

This is a normal thing, Most of the budget smartwatches can work with different devices like your smartphone or other wireless devices.

Can smartwatches measure blood pressure?

Obviously yes, the good thing is also they are available at a cheaper price. Some of the popular smartwatch brands (such as YAMAY, MorePro, Samsung, etc.) are on track with this functionality.

Which smartwatch is worth buying?

This can not be a single statement. There are various factors (like features, pricing, usage requirement, and more ) to be considered while making a pre-purchase decision.

Are smartwatches helpful while you are exercising?

Of Course, most smartwatches have dedicated exercise modes to providing accurate data while doing different types of exercises such as cardiovascular, running, swimming, jogging, cycling, and more.

Does a smartwatch give accurate health data?

50-50, at this time only a few smartwatches are known for their accurate and precise health data. But they can be premium watches that cost you a little bit more than budget pricing.

You can connect with us when you feel for guidance or help related to smartwatches (or) you can appreciate our work and review.

Comment below, if you have an idea for a worthy and the best smartwatch under 50 dollars, and don’t forget to share this list with your relatives and friends.