BEST Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Kids

12 BEST Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Kids – 2023 Latest Watches

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Here we have listed only the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids. Because we know very well children are the most precious property for every parent.

And we promise parents will not have to think about a perfect kids smartwatch for their toddlers or children.

All of these given smartwatches have features to fulfill the needs of parents to take care of their children and making their child’s live funnier and happier.

Let us get started.

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Why Do Kids Need Smartwatches (Parental Guide)?

As we know, kids are naughty, unstable, obstacle, emotional by their behavior and nature. On the other hand, they have less knowledge regarding self-caring.

Parents have a responsibility to take care of their children along with educating them from the beginning.

A kid smartwatch can help them in;

  • Tracking their sleep and health
  • Starting their learning from kids-friendly educational games
  • Connect with parents by making two-way communication calls
  • Keep on track and control by parents through the parental control access
  • Providing them fun with the camera and funny games
  • Recording their memorable childhood moments

Good parents know this necessary thing to do for their children or toddlers. Additionally, kids are unsafe, an in-built SOS call facilitated smartwatch for kids can help them in an emergency.

Quick List | Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old 2022

1Accutime Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Red Black Educational Learning…Buy on Amazon
2VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, PinkBuy on Amazon
3Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch, One Size (S and L Bands…Buy on Amazon

This is our ultimate list for the best smartwatches for 10 years old kids with all necessary features that helps to manage their kids lifestyle in a modern way.

Here are the best kids smartwatches at a glance.

12 BEST Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Kids In 2022

  • Disney Smart Watch
  • Amazfit Bip Fitness
  • PlayZoom Kids
  • VTech Star Wars
  • VTech Kidizoom
  • Fitbit Ace 2
  • INIUPO Smartwatch For Kids
  • Prograce Kids Smartwatch
  • Pebble Time Steel
  • TickTalk 3 Smartwatch
  • HuaWise Kids Smartwatch
  • Fitbit Versa Lite

Now, lets move to the deep dive into these best kids-friendly smartwatches for 10 year old toddlers.

1. Disney Smartwatch – Best For 10 Year Old Kids

disney smartwatch for 10 year old

Customers’ Review

4.4 out of 5
181 ratings

Disney shows are popular whole over the world and we all know that kids love these shows very much.

Disney has manufactured this Disney Mickey Mouse kids smartwatch, especially for kids. This super looking Disney smartwatch.

This super smartwatch of Disney is preloaded with a selfie camera, alarm, voice recorder, Pedometer, 3x games, stopwatch, and calculator.

Kids like Disney look so the company has given this smartwatch a very premium look of Disney.

Smartwatch Specifications

Alarm clockYes
Voice recorderAvailable
Water-resistantYes (Up to 100 feet)
Fun games3x games
USB portYes (Cable included)
Video recordingYes

The following essential features of this toddler smartwatch will help you understand this kids-friendly best smartwatch for 10 year old in the right way.

Selfie Camera

This is one of the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids as this smartwatch has all the features that kids of this age like.  

The selfie camera of this Disney smartwatch makes it a very loveable one for 10 year old kids. At this age, one likes to click images of his own very much and this smartwatch will help them in fulfilling their wish. 


It is one of the functions that come with premium smartwatches. Disney has given this premium feature in this smartwatch with the help of which you can have a track of your children’s activity.


An inbuilt calculator is also given on this smartwatch of Disney so that this smartwatch can help children of this age to calculate anything just very easily.

This amazing smartwatch not only makes the kid happy but also is capable of helping the kid in need.

Long-lasting battery

Battery backup is one of the most important factors that everyone considers at the time of purchasing any smartwatches no matter it is for a kid or grown-up.

This smartwatch of Disney gives a long battery backup which ultimately helps your kid to have fun uninterruptedly.


This feature will help your kid to notify him on-time asset. It will help him in activities such as waking up in the morning, performing tasks on time, etc.


  • Good battery backup
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Alarm
  • Voice Recorder


  • Not suitable for Elders
  • Solar charging missing


This super smartwatch of Disney is one of the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids. No matter your kid is a boy or a girl this smartwatch can be used easily without any tension.

This smartwatch has a Disney look apart from the good quality of the smartwatch.  

2. Amazfit Bip – #1 Kids Smartwatch For Boys

amazfit smartwatch for 10 year old

Customers’ Review

4.0 out of 5
9,539 ratings

The name of Amazfit in the smartwatch field is very popular because of the features of its smartwatches along with the good quality.

This Amazfit’s smartwatch can be used by kids upto the age of 10 years. Kids need certain features in a smartwatch that this smartwatch has in it.

Amazfit kids smartwatch not only fulfills the need of the kids but only also takes care of the parent’s expectations.

Watch Specifications

Sleep monitoringAvailable
Battery lifeUp to 45 days
Activity trackerYes
Alarm clockAvailable
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Calls and messagesAvailable
SensorPPG sensor

The following important features of this children smartwatch will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old kids.


The inbuilt GPS of this device will not only help your kid to find unknown locations but also help you to track the kids.

Parents can have a track of their children whether where they are going or not with the help of this kids smartwatch of Amazfit.

Sleep Monitoring

Tracking the sleep of your kid became possible with this super smartwatch. This smartwatch of Amazfit is the best smartwatch for 10 year old child.

Sleep is very important whether you are a child or an adult. If the sleep cycle of a person gets disturbed then it may adversely affect the health. To avoid this always try to keep a track of your sleep.

Super Battery Backup

Charging a smartwatch, again and again, becomes a headache for busy persons. A kid has a very busy schedule and if the battery backup of a smartwatch of a kid is not good then it may become a problem for him.

This super smartwatch has an excellent battery backup which may last upto 45 days if it is used in standby mode. 

Calls and Messages

In today’s world connecting over calls became very essential. If your smartwatch has this feature then you can call anyone in any need or any emergencies.

This smartwatch also can send or receive messages from others.

Activity tracking

Tracking the activities of our children is very important in today’s life. This smartwatch of Amazfit is capable of tracking the day to day activities of your kids.


  • Fitness Tracker
  • PPG sensor
  • Calls and Messages
  • Long battery backup
  • Sleep tracking


  • Lightweight
  • Good quality but the price is average 


Children of 10 years can use this smartwatch easily as this smartwatch of Amazfit not only has a superior design but also can be used by a 10 year old kid.

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3. PlayZoom Kids – Cheap Smart Watch For Kids

PlayZoom Kids smartwatch

Customers’ Review

4.2 out of 5
2,377 ratings

The life of a kid is very interesting. The moments of childhood worths millions. Those moments are the moments which we think of which when we grow up.

This smartwatch of PlayZoom will help your kid capture those invaluable moments with the help of an inbuilt camera in it.

Your kids may also learn while enjoying with this smartwatch as this smartwatch of PlayZoom has very advanced functions with the help of which your kids may learn while enjoying. 

Smart watch Specifications

Learning appsAvailable
Fun gamesAvailable
Watch face10+ faces
USB portYes
Product dimensions9 x 2 x 0.5 inches

The following helpful features of this best smartwatch for 10 year old toddler will help you understand this PlayZoom smartwatch in the right way.


The inbuilt camera of this smartwatch gives you the option to click stunning selfies of your own.

Kids like clicking images and this smartwatch hold this function which makes this the best smartwatch for 10 year old children.

Fun Games

The games of this smartwatch entertain your kids in a very calm way. This super smartwatch has many preinstalled games in it which the kids may love playing.

Music Learning

Learning with entertainment became the trend of today. This is the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids in which they can learn things I enjoying. 

This function is very effective in learning of the kids.

Different Watch Faces

The multiple watch faces of this super smartwatch make this smartwatch a very attractive one. This smartwatch has different watch faces which the kid can use according to his choice.


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Inbuilt Camera 
  • Entertainment Learning
  • Multiple Watch Faces
  • Fun Games


  • Not suitable for 15+ (Age)
  • No wireless charging


Childhood comes once in our lives and we should enjoy it in every possible way. This is one of the smartwatches that helps kids learn things through having fun.

If you want your kids to learn with having fun then you can go for this smartwatch.

4. VTech Star Wars – Best Kids Smart Watch 2022

VTech Star Wars smartwatch for kids

Customers’ Review

4.4 out of 5
412 ratings

Stylish products attract kids more and they like those products more. If you are planning to give a surprise gift to your child then this smartwatch may be one of the best choices of yours.

This smartwatch apart from the design it has 30 digital faces which your kid may use in the smartwatch according to his/her choice.

The amazing voice changing feature of this kids smartwatch can change your voice like the voice of star war galaxy.

Splash cannot affect the smartwatch because this is completely splash-proof.

Watch Specifications

Motion sensorYes
Voice recorderAvailable
Clock faces30 faces
Voice changerAvailable
Alarm clockAvailable

The following outstanding features of this smartwatch for toddlers will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old children.

Voice Recorder

Recording to audio is possible with this smartwatch as this smartwatch has an inbuilt microphone installed in it. 

Apart from the voice recording, this smartwatch for 10 year old kid has a voice changing function in which you can change your voice and sound like you are a part of Stars Wars galaxy.

Motion Sensor

This smartwatch for 10 years old has a motion sensor in it. With the motion sensor of this smartwatch, its sounds, as well as lightsaber mode, can be activated.

30 Digital faces

30 digital faces of this smartwatch give this smartwatch a very premium feel. With the different faces of this smartwatch, the user can use this smartwatch in different styles or different modes.


You can take photos and videos with the star wars effect with this smartwatch. This super feature of this smartwatch is very nice as it satisfies your kids very highly.

Splash Proof

This smartwatch is splash-proof which makes this smartwatch enough strong to bear the splash of water. You don’t have to take the tension of the smartwatch getting damaged by a splash.


  • Voice Changer
  • 30 digital faces
  • Splash proof
  • Camera
  • Motion Sensor


  • Average price range 
  • Solar charging missing


This smartwatch is one of the best smartwatch for 10 year old toddler. It has many star wars faces which can be used by your child as per his likings.

The children/kids who love star wars can go for this beautiful smartwatch.

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5. VTech Kidizoom – Kids Smartwatch With Games

VTech Kidizoom smartwatch for 10 year old

Customers’ Review

4.6 out of 5
11,565 ratings

This is one of the brands that manufacture smartwatch for kids which has a very good response in the market due to its quality products.

This smartwatch of VTech Kidizoom has a very stylish look and a kid-friendly design. With the help of this smartwatch, your kid may play games even while traveling.

The camera of this kids smartwatch will give the kid of your to capture his/her invaluable moments of childhood.

Smartwatch Specifications

CameraDual cameras
Camera filtersAvailable
Apps and gamesAvailable
USB cableAvailable
Motion sensorYes

These following features of this VTech smartwatch for kids will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old child in the right way.

Stylish and kid-friendly design

The style of this smartwatch of VTech Kidizoom is very eye-catching and the design of this smartwatch is also kid-friendly.

If you want to give a surprise gift to your child then this smartwatch is the best choice for you. No matter what your kid is of which mentality he/she will surely like this beautiful smartwatch.

Dual Camera

Taking pictures and videos is a very common trend. This smartwatch has an inbuilt camera in it which makes this smartwatch capable of capturing the rememberable moments of the childhood of a kid.


A pedometer is an instrument that is capable of counting footsteps. This excellent kids smartwatch has an inbuilt pedometer in it.


The safety of the children is the factor that every parent wants for their child. This smartwatch takes special care of safety which gives the parents relief.

Play on the go 

Playing on the go is possible with this kid’s smartwatch. Your kid can entertain himself/herself even on the go with this smartwatch as this smartwatch has a very good battery backup.


  • Dual Camera
  • Pedometer
  • Stylish design
  • Anytime access
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Kids friendly design
  • Not dust resistant


A super smartwatch that will not only enhance the look of your kid but also help him access various other important features.

This smartwatch is for those who do care about their child’s moments and love to have them captured.

6. Fitbit Ace 2 – Budget Smart Watch For 10 Year Old Kids

Fitbit Ace 2 smartwatch for 10 year old

Customers’ Review

4.7 out of 5
10,808 ratings

Fitbit is one of the leading brands of smartwatches. It manufactures smart watches both for adults as well as kids. 

The smartwatch for kids of this brand has a very Superior look and do have a great response in the market. This kids smartwatch of Fitbit is water-resistant for which can be used by your kids even in the rain or even in pool parties.

Apart from this smartwatch has parental control feature which gives the parents to limit the view of the smartwatch for their kid.

Watch Specifications

Sleep trackerAvailable
Parental controlYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 days
Water-resistantYes (5ATM)
Activity trackerAvailable
Age6+ old kids
ColorsAvailable in multiple colors
Product dimensions1.18 x 3.94 x 8.94 inches

The following useful features of this Fitbit smartwatch for kids will help you understand this kids-friendly watch for 10-year-old children.


If a smartwatch is water-resistant then water cannot get inside the smartwatch even if you are swimming with it in water. A smartwatch for a kid should be water-resistant because who knows when your kid may wash his hands or use water for other purposes.

If your kids smartwatch is waterproof then it may not affect the performance of the smartwatch whether your kid is in water or rain. 

Parental Control

You can pair this smartwatch with a child account which will limit the view of your child. In today’s world, there is a lot of negativity which parents should try to avoid their children from getting into it.

This smartwatch will help you with the help of its parental control function.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is a very important element for a kid. If the kid is not sleeping properly then it may affect his health adversely.

This smartwatch has a sleep tracker with the help of which sleep can be tracked of your child.

Battery Backup

Normally kids have less time because of their busy life so their smartwatch should be such that it should have a long battery backup. This smartwatch for kids of Fitbit can last upto 5 days on a single charge.


Having an alarm in the smartwatch of a kid is very necessary as he has certain tasks to do from waking up in the morning to doing his/her homework at night.

This smartwatch of Fitbit has an inbuilt alarm in it.


  • Waterproof
  • Parental control
  • Sleep tracker
  • Long-lasting battery backup


  • Wireless charging missing 
  • Not suitable for aged persons


To be frank this smartwatch for 10 year old kids will suit most of those kids whose parents take extra care of them. This smartwatch will help parents to have control over the usage of the smartwatch by their kids.

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7. INIUPO Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for 10 Year Old Kids

INIUPO toddlers smartwatch

Customers’ Review

3.8 out of 5
864 ratings

The design of this smartwatch is specially made for kids and children who fall in the age of 4 to 12 years old. Iniuopo has put some helpful features for children’s requirements.

This children’s smartwatch comes with lots of fun games, an alarm clock, SOS call button, music player, call recorder, and good image quality camera.

Additionally, a child can make a call with this kids-friendly watch. This feature is very helpful for a kid to connect with their parents during school time.

Smart watch Specifications

Music playerAvailable
Alarm clockYes
Voice recorderAvailable
Games7 games
SOS keyAvailable
Phone callsYes
SIM cardAvailable
Bluetooth and GPSAvailable

The following awesome features of this toddlers’ smartwatch will help you understand this kids-friendly smartwatch for 10 years old boy in a better way.

Fun and games

Little children are very curious they require gameplay to having fun. Otherwise, they bother their mom and dad for toys and games.

This watch has 7 funny and exciting games which help to make them fun and happy.

Compatible with other devices

This feature is very helpful in terms of parental control to track their child’s activities time-to-time. In most scenario, this is a necessary feature in a kids smartwatch for 10 year old child.

Camera and music player

Children love playing music and taking selfies. These facilities will be very helpful to engage them that help parents to do their important things without getting bothered by their children.

Two-way calling

This best smartwatch for 10 year old kid has the facility to make a two-way call directly from their wrist. This can be very helpful for a kid while schooling or having trouble.

Parents only need to train their children for one time.

Alarm clock

The alarm is very important and a must-have feature for our day-to-day life. This alert feature will be very useful for managing the routine of a 4 to 10 years old kid.


  • Cheap price
  • SOS call
  • Alarm a calendar
  • Call recorders
  • Available in multiple colors


  • No flashlight
  • Not suitable for teenagers
  • Lacks from wireless charging


If we consider its design then this kids smartwatch will be best suitable for 4-12 years kids boy or a girl. Also, you can pick this watch from multiple colors.

8. Prograce Kids – Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Children

Prograce Kids Smartwatch for children

Customers’ Review

4.1 out of 5
4,092 ratings

This can be a good smartwatch for a kid whose parents are concerned about their health condition and tracking fitness. This is because this watch has an in-built Pedometer to track steps and calories.

Additionally, this Prograce smartwatch comes with a bunch of useful features for a 10-year-old child. Apart from health-related stuff, it is boxed with Bluetooth, an audio music player that supports earphones, an FM radio, a flashlight, and more.

Watch Specifications

FM radioAvailable
Audio playerYes
Alarm clockAvailable
SD card supportUp to 32 GB

These modern features of this kids smartwatch will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old boy or children.

90° rotatable camera

This camera is rotatable from an exact position to 90 degrees. This expands the camera capturing angle and takes a wider photo.

This Prograce smartwatch has an 0.3 mega-pixels (MP) camera that can take a good quality picture.


A pedometer is made for counting and tracking the steps and calories of a person. This technology can be a good option to track a child’s health condition.


The flashlight of this best smartwatch for 10 year old is not only useful for kids or children also this is helpful to all family members too.

This has an in-built flashlight with an average lighting impact. This will help to find something in a lightless condition.

Music and FM radio

A kid can listen to music with or without an earphone in this Prograce smartwatch especially made for a ten years old child.

Also, this is laced with FM radio to listen to favorite programs directly from a radio station.

Games and external memory

Fun and Games are the most-loved things for every child. This watch can fulfill this funny thing with four very funny games;

  • Brave Money
  • Ninja Run Online
  • Whac-A-Mole
  • Welcome the God of Wealth

These are touchscreen supportive games with a simple interface to play easily on a smartwatch display.


  • Expandable memory slot
  • Steps and calorie counter
  • Stopwatch
  • IPS display
  • Cheap price
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Does not have an HD display
  • 600mAh battery capacity
  • Available in two colors only


Buy this kid’s smartwatch or not, this is based on parents mentality. If parents want a fitness tracker with a kids-friendly design then this Prograce smartwatch can be a good option.

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9. Pebble Time – Kids Smartwatch For Apple Devices

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for toddlers

Customers’ Review

4.0 out of 5
2,079 ratings

This Pebble smartwatch has a minimal design with single color availability that can be suitable for both 10-year-old kids and teenagers.

This simple-looking kid smartwatch has few great facilities like Pebble health that tracks health activities, water-resistant up to 30 meters, good battery life, email and calling facility, and more.

Smartwatch Specifications

Activity trackerYes
Sleep trackerYes
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Watch facesCustom
Magnetic chargingYes
Music playerAvailable

The following attention grabbing features of this kids smartwatch will help you understand this good smartwatch for toddlers in a better way.

Phone call feature

This is an advanced kid smartwatch that supports phone calls, text messaging, and email facilities. This feature can be a good choice for having a great connection between parents and child.

Water resistance

A 10-year-old kid does not know how to take care of any particular thing. They can spoil something within a minute. Although this is not a mistake because they are children, not an aware person.

This water damage protection can protect this best smartwatch for 10 year old kids is up to 30 meters.

Good battery life

This has a good capacity battery that long last up to 10 days, which is pretty good. This is because a normal smartwatch can last long for 4-5 days maximum.

Fitness and sleep tracking

What do you think, does a kid need a health-tracking smartwatch?

This is necessary if you are health concerned parent or you want to keep track of your child’s health condition.

Android and iOS compatible

This feature is made for controlling that particular smartwatch from other devices or managing other devices from a smartwatch.

This is a must-have feature for parental control access.


  • Bluetooth
  • Daily health report
  • USB cable support
  • Pebble app store
  • Sleep tracking


  • Available in a single color
  • Lacks from camera
  • No wireless charging


This has a simple design that is suitable for teen girls, boys, and children or 10 years old kids also. But keep in mind, only select this Pebble smartwatch when you like simplicity and minimal design.

10. TickTalk 3 – 4G Smartwatch For 10 Year Old

smartwatch for 10 year old kids

Customers’ Review

4.1 out of 5
1,678 ratings

This is an advanced smartwatch by TickTalk Tech LLC which can be a good option for 10-year-old children in terms of tracking their health and ease of childhood.

This has pretty amazing features that are advanced like Wi-Fi calling, do not disturb, cellular connectivity, text, chat, and voice messages, GPS tracking, parental control access, and more.

Additionally, a parent can be able to locate this TilkTalk best smartwatch for 10 year old kids, through the map with the help of its in-built faster 4G LTE connectivity.

Watch Specifications

4G LTE connectivityYes
SOS callYes
Video callingAvailable
Do Not DisturbAvailable

The following important features of this smartwatch for toddler will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old children.

GPS tracker

GPS means a global pointing system that allows the connection of a device with a satellite system for navigation facilities.

With the help of this feature, parents can easily track theirs child’s smartwatch. Also this helpful while accessing maps in smartwatches.

IP67 water-resistant

As we know a child has not any knowledge regarding taking care of any wearable products or a thing.

This cover will protect this smartwatch from getting damaged by water.

Parental control app

This is a very important thing for every parent. In other words, a parent must track and keep an eye for their children. Children are children, they do not know what is a good or bad thing for them.

We strongly recommend parents should use this in-built parental control app in this TilkTalk kids smartwatch. 

4 LTE connectivity

This is high-speed technology for cellular connectivity which allows accessing faster internet and other connectivity.

This speed connectivity can send and receive emails, instant messaging, and two-way communication like video calling and voice chatting.

FaceTalk video calls

The parents can be able to make a two-way communication video call to their child. This feature is helpful for a nuclear family or getting in touch with children during their schooling time.


  • Parental controlling access
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Call and messaging facility
  • SOS button
  • 2MP camera
  • Replaceable band


  • No heart rate monitor
  • Lacks from wireless charging


This best smartwatch for 10 year old kids has a pretty awesome design with the replaceable band. According to design and look this smartwatch will be a great option for 5 to 10-year-old kids. This can be the best fit for more than 12 years old aged child.

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11. HuaWise Kids – Kids Smartwatch With SOS Call

huawise kids friendly Smartwatch

Customers’ Review

3.8 out of 5
666 ratings

This is a pretty good smartwatch at this cheap price point. The design of this watch is kids friendly that is available in four colors;

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Special pink
  • Special yellow

Additionally, this 10 year old kid smartwatch comes with some funny, learning, and puzzle games, a micro SIM card, camera, and music player, calculators, and other useful features for a kid’s requirements.

Also, it has a two-way calling facility that improves the quality of love between a toddler or child and their parents.

Smart watch Specifications

SOS callYes
Alarm clockAvailable
Music playerAvailable
Funny games7 games
Voice recorderYes
USB portAvailable
SIM card slotMicro SIM card

The following must-have features of this kids-friendly smartwatch will help you understand this HuaWise smartwatch for children.


A camera will make a child’s lifestyle funnier and happier. This smartwatch has a good quality capturing selfie camera which can be used to click both front and rear scenes by a toddler.

Funny and learning games

This toddler smartwatch has packed with seven interesting puzzle games that have fun and learning kinds of stuff;

  • Seven games are installed in the watch
  • 2048 Basketball Shoot Master
  • Bee War
  • Pinball Hit Bricks
  • Car Grab Goods
  • Mario Eat Gold
  • Ultimate Racing

These are the funny and learning games that are available in this HuaWise smartwatch for a toddler or a kid.

SOS calls

This is a helpful feature for both parents and children. Keep in mind children are unsafe in some cases or scenarios.

This one-click SOS as an emergency call feature is strongly recommended by most parents.

Alarm clock

The alarm clock is for everybody either a toddler or a teenager. The alarm feature will help a kid to accomplish their task at the right time which is directed by the parents.

Email and phone

Phone calls can be helpful for a child to connect with their parents. On the other hand, emails are not to be used by a toddler or a child.

But this smartwatch has inbuilt email and phone call facilities.


  • Learning games
  • SD card included in the package box
  • IP67 rating waterproof
  • Two calling facility
  • Calculator
  • Music player and sound recorder


  • Lacks from blood oxygen monitor
  • Not for teenagers
  • No solar charging


This is a budget-friendly kids smartwatch that can afford by anybody. Its design will most suitable for less than 12 years old children. Although it has few advanced features at this cheap pricing point.

12. Fitbit Versa Lite – Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Boy

Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch for 10 year old

Customers’ Review

4.5 out of 5
3,591 ratings

This Fitbit smartwatch is an advanced health monitoring smartwatch with its all-day heart rate monitoring, dedicated sports mode, and tracks sleep stages. And parents must know the importance of sleep in childhood age.

Apart from these features, you will get GPS, getting calls and messaging, app notifications, and more with an easy to use interface and design.

Also, this watch is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Watch Specifications

Alarm clockAvailable
Weather reportYes
Phone callsAvailable
Heart rate monitorAvailable
Text messagesAvailable
Sleep trackerYes
Fitness trackerAvailable

These great features of this kid’s smartwatch will help you understand this best smartwatch for 10 year old kids.

Fitness tracker

This is an advanced fitness tracker smartwatch which monitors heart rate 24×7 and more than 15 sports mode.

Apart from this health tracking feature, it monitors and calculates sleep stages which is a very important thing for a kid’s health.

GPS and Bluetooth

Bluetooth allows establishing a connection between a smartwatch and other devices for listening to music or controlling functions.

On the other hand, GPS is made to point to an accurate location. This technology is helpful while tracking the exact location of a particular kid’s smartwatch. 

Calendar and reminder

The calendar gives them the day and date information that is useful to plan a 10-year-old kid’s lifestyle. On the other side, the reminder will remind their school tasks and personal scheduled tasks.

Smartphone compatibility

This watch is fully compatible with iOS and Android smartphones that connect with the universal Fitbit App for better health insights.

Also, compatibility is used for parental control access.

5ATM water-resistant

This is almost a premium water-resistant protection that tolerates water up to 50 meters. This tough covering feature allows a kid not to worry about getting damaged from water during playing, running fun, or while swimming.


  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Sleep stages tracker
  • Dedicated sports mode
  • App notifications
  • Perfect and minimal design


  • No wireless charging
  • No flashlight
  • Lacks from 4G LTE connectivity


I am falling in love with this Fitbit watch with its simple, perfect, and minimal looking design. This is not only suitable for a kid although it can be worn by a teenager too. In both scenarios, this will look great.

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Okay, these are the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids or a toddler. Before conclusion, we have added the table of our top three picks of kids smartwatches for your convenience.

How Did We Pick These Smartwatches For Kids?

A toddler/child is different from a teenager, men and women. They are beginners, they don’t know to take care of themselves. Parents must have to care for their children.

We have decided to pick those kids smartwatches that have;

  • Good build quality with water-resistant
  • Two-walling communication video/audio calling
  • Preinstalled fun and education-related games and apps
  • Parental control access
  • Camera, fitness tracking, and smartphones compatibility

And finally, we got these perfect smartwatches for a kid with a high rating and customer satisfaction.

Have a look here.

Buyers Guide – Smartwatch For 10-Year-Old Kids

Selecting a kids smartwatch is very difficult unless and until you have very good knowledge of smartwatches. While selecting a smartwatch for a kid there are certain factors that you should consider.

Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration while selecting a smartwatch.

Kids Friendly Design

kids friendly smartwatch

Kids friendly design refers to those designs and style of the smartwatch that kids like the most. There are many brands which manufacture smartwatches with very attractive design.

While selecting the smartwatch for a kid be sure that the design of the smartwatch you are selecting is liked by your kid. 

Parental Control

parental control smartwatch

With this advanced feature in the smartwatch, the parents can limit the view of their kids in the smartwatch which is very necessary for the present day.

So, while selecting a smartwatch for your kid be sure that it has parental control so that you can control your kid from the negative things that are prevailing in today’s world.

Many brands manufacture smartwatches with parental control features. It will be better for a kid as well as parents for giving the kids such a smartwatch that does not affect them negatively.

Fun and Games

funs and games smartwatch

Fun and games are part of kids’ life. A smartwatch of a kid should be such that a kid should have fun as well play games in it.

In research, it is found that 95% of kids like smartwatches that have games in them. So while selecting a smartwatch for a kid be sure that the smartwatch should have games in it.


camera smartwatch

The camera is one of the factors in a smartwatch that helps the kid to click images as well as do video calls with the parents, friends, brothers, and sisters.

The camera in a smartwatch plays a very important role in the life of a kid. A kid can capture his/her memorable moments with the help of a camera in a smartwatch. 

So at the time of selecting a smartwatch for a kid, this factor should also be taken into consideration.


kids water resistant smartwatch

Water-resistant or waterproof means that the smartwatch is leakage free. If a smartwatch is water-resistant then water cannot get inside the smartwatch. Smartwatches which are water-resistant can survive even if it comes in contact with water.

With a water-resistant smartwatch, a kid can wear his smartwatch even at pool parties or swimming or having a bath. With a water-resistant smartwatch, hands can be washed even by wearing the smartwatch.

Make sure that you have considered this factor while making a purchase decision of the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids.

Strong Case Material

strong smartwatch for kids

The usage of a smartwatch by a kid sometimes becomes rough so in that situation if the body of the smartwatch is not strong then it may get damaged.

So before making the final selection of a smartwatch for a kid consider this factor.

Simple User Interface

simple smartwatch for kids

Kids are not aware of technical things they cannot use a smartwatch that has a complicated user interface.

The smartwatch of the kids should have a simple user interface so that kids don’t face any difficulty while using the smartwatch.

This factor should be taken into consideration deeply while selecting the best smartwatch for 10 year old kids.


comfortable kids smartwatch

Comfortability refers to the satisfaction that a user of a smartwatch gets while using the smartwatch. 

The smartwatch for 10 year old kids should be very comfortable in wearing as well as using the smartwatch.

The more comfortable a smartwatch will be the more satisfaction will the kid get in using it.

Extended Battery Life

battery backup kids smartwatch

Long battery backup or extended battery on a smartwatch means that the smartwatch need not be charged again and again. It can run for a long time on a single charge.

We all know that kids have very little time as they are always busy is something so while selecting a smartwatch for a kid we must select a smartwatch that has a very good battery backup that can run for days on a single charge.

SOS or Emergency Call

emergenncy calls smartwatch

Some toddler’s smartwatches have a dedicated SOS (Save Our Souls) call button which can make an emergency call with a single press.

Brands add this emergency button because they know very well about the safety of a child. In general, kids are unsafe in an alone outdoor area or apartment.


android and iOS smartwatch

Compatibility means, that a smartwatch can establish a wireless connection between other devices without any interruption.

A good smartwatch for 10 year old kids can be compatible with;

  • Android phones
  • iOS smartphones
  • Smart cameras
  • Smart TVs etc.

Compatibility is also used to parental control access by a smartphone app to track a child’s activities.

Price and Budget

kids smartwatch price

This is one of the most important factors that everyone takes into consideration while purchasing any products.

While purchasing a kids smartwatch the price of the smartwatch should also be taken into consideration as this not only affects the quality of the smartwatch but also your budget.

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Why Should You Buy A Kids-Friendly Smartwatch For Your Child?

Children are very sensitive. A small favor may add a big amount of happiness to their life. If parents are aware of how to make their child happy with good products that will not affect the children negatively they can make their child happy with small things.

If you purchase them a smartwatch that is kids friendly then your child may have the following benefits:

  • Get satisfaction with the design of the smartwatch
  • Be more efficient in activities as they will be happy
  • Health tracking 
  • Fun & Games 
  • Capture his memorable moments
  • Stay away from distractions with parental control
  • Smart learning etc.

Apart from the above benefits, you can keep your kid smiling by giving his desired smartwatch.

Best Brands Of Smartwatches For Kids

best brands of kids smartwatch

Spending a little or big amount of money is always a considerable point. If a good product needs a few more amounts then we should go with it. This is because this little amount brings a quality product that lasts long and never gives the worst experience.

Here are a few best brands for kids smartwatches;

  • Amazfit
  • VTech
  • Prograce
  • Fitbit
  • TickTalk

Personality, we are happy with these brands’ smartwatches in terms of their aggressive pricing point with advanced features. Although Fitbit and Amazit are known for producing all kinds of smartwatches.

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Our Top Picks – Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch, One Size (S and L Bands...

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch, One Size (S and L Bands…

  • Track your all day activity, 24/7 heart rate, and sleep…
  • Use 15 plus exercise modes to record workouts and connect to…
  • Access your favorite apps for sports, weather and more and…
  • Get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications…
  • Enjoy a slim, comfortable design with a lightweight,…

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink

  • Stylish, kid-friendly design; secure, splash proof wristband…
  • Take quality videos, pictures and selfies, customize them…
  • Monster Detector game creates an AR experience where you…
  • Parents can safely share photos and videos at their…
  • Intended for ages 4+ years; battery included; only charge…

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Accutime Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Red Black Educational Learning...

Accutime Kids Disney Mickey Mouse Red Black Educational Learning…

  • The Disney Mickey Mouse kids smart watch comes loaded with…
  • With no wifi, calling or texting, you can rest assured of…
  • This Mickey Mouse kids wearable includes a selfie camera for…
  • We put careful detail and thought into designing and…
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery makes the need to buy and…

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FAQ – Kids Smartwatch For 10 Years Old

During the research period of these smartwatches for toddlers, we have found these frequently asked questions related to kids’ smartwatches.

There was nobody given accurate answers to these good questions. Now we are going to answer these queries.

Does a smartwatch affect the health of a kid?

In general usage, it does not affect. But listen, if a child uses it excessively then there is a chance to get an impact on their health like the screen-on-time, reduction in focus timespan, addictive, the effect on eyes, physical fitness, etc.

Can a kid be tracked with a kid’s smartwatch?

This is a possible and right thing. A smartwatch with parental control feature can give necessary data like location, usage data, etc. to the parents. Also, an in-built GPS smartwatch gives precise location tracking.

How can a smartwatch be helpful for a kid?

There can be several benefits like expanding learning capacity, tracking their health condition, enhance their childhood lifestyle, gives a normal and emergency call facility, help them to not crossing their limit by parental control feature, and more.


Again, children are the most precious jewelry of every parent. These are the very smartwatches that parents can gift to their child or toddlers.

Additionally, Parents should take a kids-friendly smartwatch for their children to track their health and other activity to give them a better childhood lifestyle.

As we mentioned, we have added only the best smartwatches for 10 year old toddlers or children. This will eliminate confusion while buying a perfect kids smartwatch.

Now it’s your turn,

If you are a parent, which kids smartwatch have you selected for your child?

Let us know in the comment below.

One more thing,

If need any help regarding these best smartwatch for 10 year old kids then you are free to leave a comment (or) you can connect with us.

We will help you asap from our side.